Armed Forces Vacation Club - This is a "space available" program that offers active, retired, and DOD affiliated personnel condo style lodging at popular locations around the world for as low as $369 per unit, per week.


Shades of Green -  Shades of green is operated by the Armed Forces Recreation Center by the U.S. Army in support of all the branches of the U.S. military.  It is located on Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, Florida.


DoD Lodging -  World wide U.S. military lodging available to all military and retired military and DoD personnel.


GovArm Travel and Vacations   -  A Great Vacation at a Great Price!  GovArm provides leisure and vacation travel service for government and military personnel, including retirees.  With service ranging from condominium rentals, cruises, car rental, and hotel reservations to vacation packages, there is something for everyone.


Military Space Available Travel (Space-A) - This is a good website to help you locate several good Space-A links and Lodging.  Space Available Flight, more commonly referred to as Space-A travel or military hops, is a privilege afforded to military service members, their families, and service retirees.  The system accommodates these passengers by letting them fill seats on Air Force air transport flights that would otherwise be left empty.  The seats are made available on a space-available basis.  Unused seats on DoD-owned or controlled aircraft are made available once all the space-required (duty) passengers and cargo have been accommodated. Much more info motion about Space-A is provided here. Dependents of deployed Military Members are eligible to fly Space-A if the member has been deployed for more than 120 consecutive days ... see DoD memorandum.