Service Member and Family Support Services

About Us

As your Transition Assistance Advisor, I’m here to direct you to the benefits you’ve earned with the compassion of someone who has been there. It is my job to know what benefits are available to you, know who the points-of-contact are at the different organizations, and ensure your timely enrollment.


Essentially, I’m your liaison to organizations that provide resources for: 

• Financial Education/Training Education

• Health and Welfare

• State Benefits

• Health Care (TRICARE and VA benefits)

• Retirement

• Pre and Post deployment

• Emergency Assistance

• Unemployment

• Communication Issues

• Line of Duty (LOD)

• MEB/PEB Process

• Counseling for Self or Family

• Homelessness

• VA Disability and Pension



If you encounter any difficulties along the way, I am here to help you cut through the red tape. Please contact me as soon as it is convenient and let me know what I can do for you.

Thank you for serving…

…now let me serve you.


Meet our Team Member:

Staff are contractors

with Skyline Ultd. Inc



Shannon Compton

O: 503-584-2363

M: 503-991-6086

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