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Service Members and Family Employment Education Program (SMFEEP)

The Service Members and Family Employment Education Program’s purpose is to increase educational and career opportunities for all current and retired military service members and their families that reside in Oregon.  This is accomplished by developing proactive, positive relationships with Oregon educational institutions, VA Counselors, employment services, and employers through all available channels, to obtain stable careers for the service member and their eligible family members.


SMFEEP assists service members and families with educational needs, identifies skill sets, and assists with resumes and job applications.  The program also assists in development and implementation of outreach services for personnel returning from full time military service and are re-entering the civilian community.  Additionally, SMFEEP will work directly with employers who are seeking reliable, dedicated, skilled, and disciplined service members.  The goal is to utilize the service member’s military training, experience, and education to maximize the employer's organization, while also adding stability to the military family, and the State of Oregon's veteran population.




Service Members and Family Employment Education Program Manager:


John Yost

O: 503-339-6842

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