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Oregon Military Helpline    800.511.6944

Retirement Service Office


Room 108

1776 Militia Way SE

Salem, OR 97309

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Air Guard 142d FW

Portland, OR

503 335-4000


Air Guard 173d FW

Klamath Falls, OR

541 885-6350

800 864-6264


We Salute Our Retirees and Veterans


The retired and veteran men and women of the Oregon National Guard represent a culmination of years of commitment and dedication. Their efforts have resulted in a reserve force that is now considered an “Operational Reserve vs. a Strategic Reserve.” Recognizing the need for continuing services to our retired and Veteran’s community, The Oregon National Guard Retiree’s and Veteran’s Council and the Adjutant General of the State of Oregon are committed to providing the best source of information possible and information will be provided through our web site, internal communications, and the Retiree’s Services Office. We provide links on future regimental and wing activities for all past and present members to review.   The web site is established to serve as an integral element of the total Oregon National Guard family. It is imperative that we maintain communication between our active command structures and our retired and veteran community. It further provides general information between regimental commanders and the active command. The Retirees’ Service Office (RSO) located in the Oregon National Guard Readiness Center (ARC) serves as the point of contact for Military Department staff and assists the retirees and veterans with individual problems or concerns.


Frank Cooper, COL (Ret)

Chairman, Oregon National Guard

Retirees' and Veterans' Council

Frank Cooper, COL (Ret)

Chairman, ORNG

Retirees' and Veterans' Council