About Us

Family Assistance Specialists (FAS) are located throughout Oregon, to serve the needs of Service Members and their Families by providing Six Essential Services.  Whether PRE-, DURING- or POST- deployment, the FAS offers information and referral service to all Service Members and their Families, regardless of branch of service or duty status.








Six essential services are provided by a team of Family Assistance Specialist in 6 regions across the state which include:

Outreach Calling:

Family Assistant Specialists (FAS) are tasked with monthly outreach to families during times of separation due to Military Service. If a service member is separated from his family for more than 30 days, the family member will receive a call by the FAS for the duration of the separation and at least 180 days after their return. Monthly outreach calls are mandated by National Guard Bureau (NGB).


Find Your Local FAS:

FAS are geographically dispersed across our state.  See the map below to learn which FAS region you live in and then look for that regions contact information in the sidebar.

Due to a contracting issue, this program is currently inactive.  If you need assistance please contact us at one of the following ways:

Phone: 503-584-2389

Email: info@oregonmilitaryfamily.org